Basics of HATHA

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Basics of Hatha

2/9 14-15:30

250kr or 1-clip

A workshop for the beginner and/or the curious, we will look at a few foundational yoga positions with focus on the individual needs of each and every body. By learning positions from the inside out we can modify and find ways for everyone to find comfort in the foundational positions. Finding understanding in your body will help when continuing the journey.

Workshop is suited for all levels. Can be combined with Basics of YIN that will be held straight after Basics of HATHA.

Basics of Yin

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basics of yin

2/9 15:45-17:15 

250kr or 1-clip

This workshop is a mix of a discussion on why and how we practice yin combined with the experience of being in the positions. Perfect for anyone new to yoga and for all the seasoned yin yogis curious about learning more. It will be a workshop style where conversation will be encouraged! The focus will be on the individual needs and modifications to fit all bodies.

Workshop is suited for all levels. Perfect to attend after Basics of HATHA workshop.



Supported Sessions

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Supported Sessions

Teacher: Karin Brattberg



350kr or 2-clip

2.5hrs of support from blocks bolsters blankets belts and the teacher, Karin Brattberg. In this mix of Yin and Restorative Hatha, we will work the fascia, nervous, glands, respiratory and digestive systems. Long holds to give both body and mind time to ease. 

The Supported Sessions is suited for all levels, especially great for those recovering from various injuries or stress related symptoms. 


New Moon Flow with Viyan


Teacher: Viyan Idan


“We are all made of starstuff” – Carl Sagan


We are all have a part of the Universe inside of us, The result of The Big Bang and all the materia created that we now consist off. The moon as a part of the universe is our closest neighbour. 

The moon does not create its own light it reflects the sun and the stars for us, it's cycle is the fastest in the universe, taking 28 days from start to finish and replenish each 2.5 days. In astrology the moon is the trusted mediator between us and the rest of the universe, following its cycel can help us find deeper understand of who we are. 

In case you prefer som har facts; the moon drives all the water on earth and the human body consists of more than 70% water, since the moon moves all water its cykle will also move us!

The new moon is the start of the moon cycle, which is a great time to restart, set intentions and manifest new goals. What better way to start than with Yoga?

You can expect a soft playful flow with focus on looking within, I will encourage you to explore what we can get out of the moon cycle ahead of us. Meditation and a long savasana is included. 


Restorative workshop with Linda Palhamn


Restorative 2 hour workshop with Linda Palhamn

Restorative workshop |NEW DATE TO BE SET


This is an opportunity to explore restorative yoga for enough time to really get a taste of it. For two hours we will immerse in a few deeply relaxing and supported poses to help your nervous system to wind down. We will do so with the help of bolsters, blocks and blankets.

In an ever changing time we all need to find a way to rest and restore; I hope this workshop will create that much needed space for you. Welcome to join @theyogastudio

Suitable for all level students.

Wear comfortable clothes. You can bring your own yoga mat if you like, but the studio offers everything we need for the workshop.

Book through Timecenter or through Bruce

Price 250kr or one clip