Teachers at The Yoga Studio

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Karin Brattberg

Owner of The Yoga Studio | Teacher | Entrepreneur

Karin started her yoga journey in the early 2000 when she brought her sunsalutations with her while travelling the World. Yoga became a huge part of her every day Life during her first pregnacy, yoga was her way of dealing with a long line challenges thrown at her. Her eager to help others do the same got her in to Teacher traning. As an functional anatomy nerd she focuses on passing the art and sience of yoga to those coming to her class. Her thirst for knowlege keeps her up to date with the latest in yoga and movement by Reading articles, go to workshops and trainings. 

Karin teaches Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Kidsyoga, Yoga-Stability/Mobility and you can book a one on one with her, more info here.  


info about the rest of the teachers will be posted soon!