Private Yoga

With viyan idan and karin brattberg


Private yoga session 75min 800kr

movement theraphy 90min 1000kr

flow-one time 90min 1000kr

flow-10weeks course 10x90min 8000kr

2018-11-26 01.31.31.jpg
Photographer Anna Rosén

Photographer Anna Rosén

Asana lab/private session with karin

This time just you and me(Karin) is purely for you. Is there anything you like to work on, anything that hurts, do you have a goal you would like to reach och just dive deeper in your practice? You will leave with new knowledge about the body and mind and keys to bring off the yoga mat into your life.

How to know if Karin is the right choice? Try one of her classes, especially Yoga Stability/Mobility or Hatha, or send her an email to chat about what can be created together.

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Movement theraphy with Viyan

The therapy course I am offering is a physical yoga practice (Asana) completed with a mix of social-emotional learning theories, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and somatic stress release techniques. It is a direct and concrete way of getting into the process of knowing yourself and (re)discovering your emotions, desires, movement, thought and behavioural patterns. It aims to offer you the tools necessary to give your body a chance to catch up with your mind and your for mind to reconnect with your body. The yoga part will help you let the knowledge and insight really sink into your whole body, moving from intellectual knowledge to embodied knowledge.

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