OPEN membership

The perfect option for the one that takes 1-2 classes a week. A base fee of 100kr a month is drawn from your credit card every 27th of the month, pay per class you attend on top of that. A regular class will be charged 120kr on the OPEN membership. Workshops/longer classes will also be at a lower than regular price on the OPEN membership.

FREE membership

The membership when you like to practice yoga as much as possible, why not every day? If you attend more than 1 1/2 classes a week this is the membership for you! 650kr is drawn from your credit card on the 27th of the month. All regular scheduled classes will be included in the FREE memberships! Workshops/longer classes may have an additional cost.


Our 10-clip card is still available, it is perfect for the one coming to class once in a while or once a week. The 10-clip card is now digital, paied by credit card upfront and each clip is ticked off as you book. 10-clip card is 1500kr, so 150kr a class.