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Break down the posture 3-week course



This 3 week course will break down the posture in to the smallest of parts. We will focus on one function per time, forward folds in the Downward dog, backbend inte cobra/upward dog and twists. We will figure out what the body is supposed to do in many ways that at first glans might not look like yoga but at the end tie it all together in the yoga posture.

This course is for the beginner, for the curious, for the one wanting to practice in a safe way and/or the one that would like to teach in a safe way. It is for all yogis on all levels. We can all learn something new about out´rselfs and our bodies.

We will have a specific focus area for each week:

8/4 The DOWN dog(the functions of a forward fold)

15/4  The UP dog(the functions of the backbend)

22/4  The TWIST


Price: 525 kr or 3 clips on clipcard


There will be a few drop in spots you will find them here: