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Happening @ The Yoga Studio


Mindful eating workshop & course

This workshop is for anyone intressted in the holistic approach to health. Lova Molin is the teacher leading us through the world of mindful eating.

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no hands workshop

Karin Brattberg

27/1-19 14-15 & 15:15-16:45

A two part WORKSHOP starting with moving the body in part one and talking about it in the second. This WORKSHOP is perfect for anyone experiencing pain in wrists during regular yoga classes, and also perfect for the one aiming for the handstand.

We will NOT put any pressure or bodyweight on hands, and get ready to work the rest of the body, especially the core!

private yoga sessions

with viyan or karin

We offer several different styles of private sessions including a 10 week course movement theraphy and asana lab.

Private sessions are a perfect way to dive deeper in the physical and/or mental practice of yoga.

handstand prep&play

7/4 14:30-15:30 & 15:45-17 The Yoga Studio

Come explore the world upside down with me!

In the first hour we prep all the parts of the body involved in getting upside down. This is a class you can attend by its own, it will help build stability and strength for all types of active yoga practice. This will be an hour of fingertips to toes with extra focus on the spine.

The second hour we play! Try different ways to enter a handstand, work with a buddy and a lot with the wall. Please attend the prep class before the play!

WOndr at the yoga studio

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